Another name for reversible sequins is flip sequins. Clothes made out of this material are very popular with young girls and teens. It is often used for dancers, but there isn’t anything stopping other people from wearing clothes made out of reversible sequins. They’re great for evening wear, especially parties. 

So what are reversible sequins? They form a fabric that changes color and they are glittery and shiny. For example, you could have a pink sequined top that turns purple when you touch it. It really is a ‘fun’ fabric.

Different types of materials are used to make reversible sequin fabric. The best are stretchy materials that have some give. Not only is stretchy material more comfortable, but it is easier to work with. You can buy sturdier material, but this is more difficult to work with as thinner needles are best for sequins. Thicker needles might not go through heavier material. Also, if you are using thicker material, it is best not to make an item that is figure-hugging otherwise you’ll probably have trouble sitting down!

Whichever material you use, you should put in a lining. This is because the back of the fabric isn’t comfortable and it can rub against your skin. There are threads on the inside of the garment that keep the sequins attached and they are very scratchy. 

How Do you Sew Through Sequins?

The most difficult part of sewing with sequins is that the needles you use struggle to get through them. The best thing to do is clear a seam allowance, although if you really don’t want to have a small gap, by all means, you don’t have to sew a seam allowance, but it will be more difficult. It won’t go easy on your sewing machine and needles, but here we will tell you about both methods.

Sewing with a Seam Allowance

The best way for you to make your item of clothing is to use a seam allowance. We will show you two different methods and it is up to you to choose which you would prefer. It is important to make the seam allowances before you cut the material. You don’t want to go too far in as there could be too many gaps in the sequins which wouldn’t look particularly attractive. 

Preparing Your Seam Allowance

If you decide to use your seam allowance, this method is the preferred one. It has the ability to keep the rest of the sequins intact which is what you want. You don’t want them to fall out unexpectedly.

Method 1

To do this, you need to use a pair of scissors to lift a line of the sequins to the extent that you can see the bare material. This method leaves the line of stitching intact and will stop the sequins from coming out. You will need to use a pair of scissors to lift the sequins so that you can see the bases of the sequins. You will need to sew through the little holes that are left underneath the sequins. They can be very stubborn so make sure that you have taken them away before you start sewing. This should give you a perfect line and you shouldn’t need to do anything else.

Method 2

The other option you have is to get a seam ripper and rip out the stitching in the row you want to sew. It is best to start from the back of the fabric.

Both methods take some time, but it is well worth it to get a beautiful garment. You will want the seam to look nice especially if you plan to wear the item of clothing a lot. 

If you don’t clear your seam allowance, you might end up with broken needles and the sequins could be destroyed.

After you have prepared your seam allowance, then all you have to do is sew, but you should have a pattern to follow. You will need different needles for different materials. For example, if you are sewing a sequin knit, the best needle to use is a jersey needle and sew in a zig-zag pattern.

Sewing Without Preparing Seam Allowances

You can sew without seam allowances. Perhaps you don’t want a break into the sequins if you think it looks better. However, it is more difficult to do this. You could get broken needles if you are using a sewing machine. They can be dangerous as they may fly into your face or the rest of your body causing injury. If you decide to go down this road, it is better if you sew by hand as you will have more control. You can sew as slowly as you like so keeping the sequins intact and not causing injury.

Whether you decide to sew by hand or machine, you will need a needle that is thin and sharp. This is because if you use a heavy-duty needle, it can get stuck in the sequins and break them. They are delicate so be careful. You will need to use a long stitch length and try to work in the channels between the rows of sequins. You will want to keep your contact with the sequins down to the minimum so that they don’t break.


As we have shown, it is a little harder to sew reversible sequins than it is to sew cotton, linen, or wool, but after some practice, you should be able to conquer the task. Reversible sequins are attractive and are popular with both kids and adults alike. Just remember to take it slowly when you are sewing. By doing this you should end up with a beautiful and stylish piece of clothing. You don’t have to go the whole way if you feel it is too much. You could just sew a sequin motif on a T-shirt or jumper. It will stand out in a crowd and then you might feel like progressing further.