Personalizing and monogramming sewing projects never go out of style and makes for great holiday or special event gift giving ideas. In fact, coupled with a plethora of decorative stitching options, the sky is the limit with creative possibilities!

From adding a commemorative date on a label to the back of a quilt or blanket to designing your own wall decorations or ornaments, for instance, there are many uses for lettering in the crafting world.

Perhaps at present in order to personalize a project, you must get out a needle and thread and experiment with hand stitching. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and hand stitching adds a level of personal touch missing from a sewing machine.

However, if you want to monogram home décor such as hand towels for the kitchen or complete projects in a more timely and predictable way, you are in luck. I have found several sewing machines that both have a wide variety of stitch options and features, and contain built-in lettering with editing abilities!

Any of these machines will easily fit your needs for personalizing or monogramming projects while having the benefit of an exceptional sewing machine on top of it all. The features which distinguish one from another largely are in the assemblage of options most important to you.

Read on to learn more about these wonderful additions to your sewing room.

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SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9985 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 is just downright adorable, but on top of that, has an incredibly large variety of stitch options: 960, in fact!

This well-lit machine (with 2 LED lights) is clearly versatile but is also simple to use, from the easy to thread needle feature to automatic thread trimmer, to the extra-large, color, LCD touch screen, where presser feet recommendations are offered based upon stitch selection.

On the touch screen, additionally, stitch length, width, and thread tension can be adjusted, along with other settings.

This machine has a twin needle setting, an extra high presser foot lift, a 7-segment feed dog system, and horizontal threading. You can sew up to 850 stitches per minute using the automatic presser foot pressure control.

With 13 presser feet as well as an extension table included, as well as the available editing features such as stitch elongation and mirroring, you have room and the ability to sew apparel, home décor, quilts, and crafts in the way of your choosing!

With all of these wonderful options comes the feature you are most interested in at the moment: fonts! This machine has 6 different alphanumeric fonts for personalizing projects, which not only makes the end result more special and meaningful but more valuable as well.

Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 Sewing Machine

The Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 has a whopping 310 stitch patterns, which includes 32 basic stitch types, 84 decorative stitches, and 2 alphabets, and comes with 7 presser feet including the one that arrives on the model.

With a start/stop button, an adjustable presser foot pressure feature, and an automatic thread cutter, in addition to the automatic stop/lock button, this machine has features which make sewing and monogramming a pleasure.

It includes an extension table for larger projects and has a digital LCD advisor in reference to recommended presser feet given the stitch type, length, and width. This model also has editing features such as a mirroring and stitch elongation, as well as a twin needle option.

The easy to follow user manual and layout of the machine were designed with customer satisfaction in mind.

Similar to the Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 listed above, the Sparrow 30 is an excellent choice for a wide variety of projects.

SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is quite the noteworthy sewing machine that also comes with 5 fonts!! Not only does it have 600 built-in stitches, but with features such as stitch elongation and mirror imaging, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

It comes with 18 presser feet, a quilting bar, and an extension table, among other goodies, and is packed with user-friendly features, such as: automatic needle threader, automatic presser foot pressure control, automatic locking stitch function, automatic tension, automatic reverse, and electronic twin needle settings.

It has an extra high presser foot as well and comes backed by a 25-year limited warranty.

Final Thoughts

Whichever machine you choose to complete sewing and monogramming or personalization projects, you will find that options are plentiful for original and creative outcomes.

These are exceptional machines for gradually introducing new types of stitches as well, with basic utility and stretch stitches as well as decorative options (and editing features).

If you click on the video links included in this article, you can view some of the absolutely beautiful decorative stitch options someone far more creative than I designed.

Picturing the possibilities in my mind, I envision my home decked out in a way that any home décor magazine would be clamoring to photograph.

Then reality sets in because, in this day and age, time is not always an available luxury. That is another reason why machines that can do for us what we used to do entirely by hand are awesome.

Between adding design features via a piping foot, for example, and then personalizing it with lettering and stitch designs tailored to the recipient (even if that recipient is you!), your outcome will be an original, and that is priceless.

These remarkable sewing machines (dare I say it?) may make embroidery machines seem excessive, (although those do fit a specialized need given the project).

The point is that you will not run out of design ideas when presented with the available options and fonts, and so the next time you have a difficult to buy for person on your gift giving list, or a special occasion arises where personalization seems appropriate and appreciated, your prized project will no doubt be one on display and/or utilized in a beloved and cherished way.