The process of making a dress involves several stages and many different techniques. Sometimes the sleeves are attached to the body before the neck bind and vice versa. There are many different methods that can be applied when trying to sew the perfect neck binding.

This, of course, depends on the style of the dress being made. Different dress designs, as well as tops, may demand a bit of variation in neck binding style. Let’s take a look at an easy way to sew a neck binding.

First method

Step 1

The first thing to do is to take a measurement of the raw neckline that requires a neck binding with a measuring tape. The neckline should be measured in a straight line from the front to the back to get a total measurement. It is advisable to add an extra inch at the end of the measurement for seam allowance.

Step 2

Using a template for measurements cut out the exact measurement of the neckline from your material of choice. This material would be used to design the neck binding. Make sure that the cut-out is the exact measurement of the neckline.

Step 3

Fold the cut-out into 4 equal lengths to achieve a slim, equally folded neck binding. A hot iron can be used to achieve a sharp and well-folded structure.

Step 4

Sew both ends of the neck bind together to form a loop then fold the loop at the center. Divide the loop into quarters and mark each quarter with a pin.

Step 5

Divide the raw neckline of the cloth into quarters and mark each point with a pin, just the same way with the neck bind.

Step 6

Turn your cloth inside out, on the negative side, place the neck binding on the negative side of the neckline fabric then pin both points where each of the pins meet. Match the pins on both fabrics. Keep in mind that you should place seams at the back of the raw edge or the back of the neckline.

Step 7

Sew the neck binding to the neckline on your machine all the way around, from one point to the other till the stitching has gone all the way around in a circle. Be sure that you are sewing 3 layers of fabric; you may use a stretch stitch.

Step 8

Make small cuts on the curve line to release tension around the raw edge. Grab the folded edge and tuck it in to meet the curve line in order to cover the raw edge. Be sure that the raw edges are facing up to meet and hide behind the folded edge and not the opposite direction. This part tends to get a little technical so pay close attention in order to get an even result.

Step 9

Pin the folding all the way around, to get a nice even structure around the neck with as many pins as required. You can use a twin needle for this part for better aesthetics. Sew material round, from one point to the other till the stitch has completed its course.

Step 10

Once you have finished sewing all the way around, press the seam using a pressing iron to achieve a flat, even, and perfect structure. Now your neck binding is done! Congratulations. However, before you take a bow we must keep things professional, and this brings us to the final step.

Step 11

Trim off any loose threads with scissors to get a clean surface, and Voila!

Neck bindings are very easy to make and come in various styles and trends depending on the design that you are trying to achieve. A lot of people prefer to make their own customized neck binding and this is where the skill becomes necessary while others may prefer an already made buyer’s binding in order to switch up colors as well as get right into the sewing rather than taking the extra time to construct their own binding which often takes a bit of time.

There is a second and easy method that can be used in sewing neck binding depending on the simplicity of your dress. This method can be used on virtually any kind of dress or even a quilt. It is easy and saves you a lot of time. Here is a second method on how to sew neck binding.

Second Method

Step 1

Instead of creating your own binding, go for a pre-made buyer’s binding. A double-folded buyers binding is appropriate for any piece. This is normally a two-inch wide fabric, folded in four places to form a half inch binding. This makes it easy to use and ready to be attached to your neckline.

Step 2

Slide your neckline in between the middle of the double folded binding, that is, the raw edge of your layered fabric is covered by the binding. Hold the binding in place with as many pins as necessary to hold both materials in position. Sew both materials together on the edge with a sewing machine. Gradually remove the pin on each point to create an allowance for the stitching if necessary. You are all done! Easy wasn’t it?

This technique is quite easy and great for very simple and casual wears, however, if you are looking to create a very complex design you may need to manually create your own neck binding to suit the style you have in mind.

Things that you should watch out for?

  • Pay close attention to your measurements and ensure that you create a bit of allowance where necessary in order to get a perfect fitting
  • Pins are your friend! There should be a lot of pinning going on in order for you to get a good clean result and also to hold structures in place so don’t be afraid to use as many pins as required.
  • Be careful to sew on the right side of the cloth. Sewing on the underside allows you to get a clean result on the top.

Lastly, trim off loose threads! And you’re good to go.